Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

“What is Ravioli exactly? It’s a dish with assorted fillings enveloped in a thin pasta shell. The pasta comes in various shapes and sizes, but is typically square.
Ravioli is made of thinly rolled pasta dough, and one must work quickly to ensure the fragile dough doesn’t dry out before cooking. Sounds intimidating to pull off?  Why not try our no-frills, no-fuss in-house recipe, which only takes 4 – 5 minutes to whip up!
In this recipe, we serve our rich filling pasta with an easy but yummy Tomato Sauce. Dress the dish up with our Food For Friends seafood and cheeses to truly elevate the pasta and impress your date or family members. Be inspired and come up with your own style of pasta or follow our recipe for the classics.
Contributed by: SD, ML & WX
1 min
1 min

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