Kettle Brand Potato Chips White Cheddar

Kettle Brand Potato Chips' New Flavour in White Cheddar

We are excited to welcome a new addition to our extensive line-up of flavours from Kettle Chips!

Kettle Chips White Cheddar Potato Chips retains the familiar thick cut crunch you have grown to know and love, coated in the bold flavours of sharp cheddar cheese. Cooked using the best quality whole potatoes in the same recipe Kettle Brand has spent the last 40 years perfecting. White Cheddar promises the same crunchy mouthfeel you crave with an inspired cheddar cheese recipe that delivers a sweet savoury umami aftertaste.

Our trust for Kettle Brand Chips better remains unchanged over the years. What makes them our partner of choice is their longstanding commitment in quality and taste without compromising our natural promise on quality ingredients and farm fresh spuds! Their affinity with potatoes lies in their partnership with a group of dedicated farmers who have mastered their trade in creating the best potatoes in the land. These are the same folks whose devotion to their craft enables our Kettle Brand potato chips to deliver our Gluten-Free and Non-GMO promise.

So, take this opportunity to know more about our tater makers and the origins of our potatoes.

You’ll notice two lines of code under Best Before at the top right corner of your bag; simply enter the second, longer code into the following link to meet your farmer! It is 10 to 14 digits long.

Kettle Brand Tater Tracker

Kettle Chips White Cheddar now available at major retailers and e-commerce sites, have it on its own or pair it with one of our California Creamery signature dips!

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