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All-Natural Ingredients, Authentic Southern-Style Flavours 

This time, our pursuit of bringing nature’s finest foods leads us to the flavours of Southern American barbeque.

True to regional traditions and thanks to Grandma Lillie, Lillie’s Q has reimagined southern barbeque flavors and crafted an art form.

These unique blends and three generations of southern-style barbecue mastery has netted numerous national awards including winner of the coveted Memphis-In-May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

Product Launch Singapore Lillie's Q Southern Barbeque Grandma Lillie

Photo by Lillie’s Q

Shop All Lillie's Q Southern Barbeque Sauces Singapore

Photo by Lillie’s Q

Made with Smotherly Love

They call it Smotherly Love – in all its sweet, savory, Southern glory. Lillie’s Q believes that barbeque worth writing home about starts with 100% natural ingredients worth scouring for.

Spicy cayenne from Memphis. Black Pepper from Northern Alabama. Apple and Lime Juices from the West half of the Carolinas, vinegar from the East, and tangy mustard from the South.

It’s the tradition you can taste.

The perfect complement to ribs, briskets, sliders, sausages or any meats of your choice. Elevate your barbeque game and impress friends and family this fourth of July with Lillie’s Q barbeque sauces.

Lillie’s Q Origins

Lillie’s Q is an homage by Chef Charlie, Grandma Lillie’s grandson, to the revered traditions and techniques of Southern BBQ. The brand is also the namesake of Grandma Lillie and Chef Charlie’s father, Quito.

In his adventures around the BBQ competition circuit, Chef Charlie developed a Lillie’s Q sauce unique to every region he visited along the way. This paved the way for new creations to add to Lillie’s Q range of barbeque sauces. The big break came in 2014, when Chef Charlie launched Lillie’s Q series of bottled barbeque sauces to the world, so rookie home cooks can recreate the distinctive flavors of Southern BBQ from the comforts of their own home.

Fast forward to today, we have the pleasure of announcing Lillie’s Q barbeque sauces are now available in our shores at all leading e-commerce sites.

Product Launch Singapore Lillie's Q Southern Barbeque
Shop All Lillie's Q Southern Barbeque Sauces Singapore

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