English Tea Shop Forum 2020: Celebrating Prajãva (Community) Through Shared Values

Along with English Tea Shop’s partners and retailers from 23 countries, our team from Gan Teck Kar participated in English Tea Shop Forum at beautiful Sri Lanka on 24 February 2020 to share insights on what it means to celebrate Prajãva through Creating Shared Value.

Prajãva and English Tea Shop Philosophy

The word Prajãva comes from the Sri Lankan, Sinhalese word for Community, as a meaningful manifestation of the power of communities working together for the better good of everyone. Prajãva  in a business is about mindset change where a business goes from thinking of itself as part of the community, to being the centre of it. Counterintuitive as it may seem, it is by striving to be the heart and soul of a community that we can serve it better, and by doing so, grow sustainably.


The concept of creating shared value as a strategy allows companies to achieve competitive advantage through the social and environmental impact they make. By adopting the Prajãva  mantra, businesses can begin to embrace the principle of Creating Shared Value and begin to grow in a way that not only benefits the business but the community itself. The forum also underlined Industry in the digital revolution which has brought total disruption to livelihood and business everywhere. The concept of Prajãva  is in the forefront even with Industry 4.0 as it emphasizes the need for a continuous cycle of improvement while collaborating and networking across the value chain.


We are honoured to be a part of this remarkable forum journey in Sri Lanka. The idea of community has never been more important and relevant to a business than it is now.

About English Tea Shop and New Logo Design

The English Tea Shop (ETS) was set up in 2010 with a passionate belief in doing things differently by putting people and purpose before profit. Honouring tea traditions, from England to Sri Lanka and beyond, ETS team of experts have crafted and created some of the most surprising flavours to bring delicious selection of teas using the finest 100% organic ingredients for tea lovers from the best farms in the world.

Continuing its philosophy in delivering growth with sustainability for the brand, ETS showcased its new logo design with a story focus on the consumer and the natural environment. The teapot design is a celebratory symbol of drinking and sharing. The teapot logo encapsulates the passion and love displayed by two tea-pickers with bold multi-colours at the heart of the brand.

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