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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in a three-day virtual course hosted by the USA Cheese Guild where they shared their expertise and insights on all things cheesy.

The USA Cheese Guild aims to build global awareness and spread the goodness of excellent USA cheeses on behalf of American dairy farmers and the entire cheese community. They do so by organizing educational and promotional activities to engage chefs, importers and consumers about the craftsmanship, quality, innovation, variety and versatility of USA Cheeses. With over 20 years in the Specialty Cheese business, there’s no one better than Sherri Allen, veteran fromager, certified cheese specialist and all-round cheese lover to conduct the training.

USA Cheeses. Photos by USA Cheese Guild.
USA Cheeses. Photos by USA Cheese Guild.

The course covers various topics from the origins and history of cheese (Did you know? Cheese was born through early man’s efforts of extending the shelf life of milk.), the different families of cheese and how U.S. cheesemakers have shaped cheesemaking traditions since it was first introduced by 19th Century European settlers (Fun fact! USA is now the world’s largest cheese producer). Best of all, participants got to enjoy a cheese tasting experience to put their senses to the test. This allowed participants to discern the nuances in aroma, texture and flavour of the different families of cheeses. It was truly every cheese lover’s dream!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are also excited to share some tips and tricks for a wholesome Thanksgiving meal. Impress your family and friends by assembling a cheeseboard and designing cheese pairings!

The most common foods for cheese pairings are cured meats, pickled vegetables, crackers and dried fruits, but did you know that chocolates, coffee and tea are also compatible with the right cheeses? Frankly there is no wrong way to enjoy your favourite food, but there is a gastronomy science behind how the professionals do it.

When it comes to designing cheese pairings, there is some food for thought involved. Are the flavours complementary or contrasting? What is the acidity and intensity of each component like? The order of tasting the different components and the range of pairing intensities also play important roles. With an infinite combination of cheese pairings out there, there are some unique examples which are lesser heard of, such as:

  1. Sweet Pear Cider with Blue Cheese
  2. Manhattan Cocktail with Aged Cheddar Cheese
  3. Dirty Martini with Swiss Cheese
  4. Earl Grey Black Tea with Colby Jack
  5. Espresso with Cream Cheese

Now let’s talk about cheeseboards. Assembling a cheeseboard is simple and sets the right tone for any dinner. Select a variety of different styles of cheeses for a more holistic tasting experience. Do not forget to add assorted dried fruits and a bowl of honey or fruit spread of your choice, which serve as ideal palate cleansers between cheeses. Finish off by including signages to help your guests identify the cheeses and the pairings you have specially curated. Armed with your newfound knowledge on cheeses, there’ll be less worrying in the kitchen and more smiles at the dinner table this Thanksgiving!

Cheeseboard assembling. Photo by USA Cheese Guild.

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