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Who we are

Established in 1991, Gan Teck Kar was started by  food-loving folks who wanted to share their love for foods from other parts of the world with their roots in South-East Asia. Their dream of bringing foods from their travels around the world soon became a reality.

Today, the same food-loving folks are passionate about bringing the finest products from around the world to the kitchen table and larder of restaurants and homes. We source, import and distribute premium, natural and organic foods from all over the world.

We are privately-owned — and plan to stay that way — that aims to keep close to our food values. We hope to share a flavor from our table to yours.


How We Help Our Clients

Gan Teck Kar Singapore Food Distributor

Food Distribution

Our fast and reliable delivery system ensures ambient, chilled and frozen foods reach different marketplaces on time.

Gan Teck Kar Singapore Food Processing

Food Processing

Customized, semi-finished products and ready-to-eat items are prepared by our in-house R&D chefs.

Gan Teck Kar Singapore Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse and Logistics

We carry out complex logistic operations in our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities.

Gan Teck Kar Singapore F&B Equipment

F&B Equipment

Top of the line coffee machines, stone-deck ovens, automatic sauce dispenser and high performance blenders to list a few.


Retail & Food Service

Supermarkets in Singapore

Supermarkets in Malaysia


Independent Retailers

Brand Partnership

We cast our net far and wide for specialty manufacturers who share our principles of delivering natural ingredients through innovative products.

We value products founded on rich beliefs that will (or already have) from lasting traditions on our dining tables.

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Real Fresh Muy Fresco Gan Teck Kar Foods
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Bringing You
Nature's Finest Foods

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Bringing you nature's finest food



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