Non-Dairy Beverage

Turning a nut into lusciously delicious milk isn’t easy, and we almond growers at Blue Diamond have spent 100 years getting to know almonds and perfecting our patented process. Now we take great pride in bringing you the pick of the crop in Almond Breeze almond milk! We worked hard to arrive at the lusciously creamy texture that makes Almond Breeze delicious to drink, yet perfect for cooking.

Almond Milk


Blue Diamond Original (1 litre)
Chocolate (1 litre)
Unsweetened Almond Milk (1 litre)

Australia’s Own Organic is an Australian Organic food and beverage brand endorsed under the Australian Certified Organic program, operated by the Biological Farmers Association.From humble beginnings as a supplier of organic soy milk, our brand has expanded to include a number of alternative milks such as rice, oat and almond and liquid stocks.


Almond Milk Original (1 litre)
Unsweetened Almond Milk (1 litre)
Unsweetend Coconut Milk (1 litre)
Unsweetened Soy Milk (1 litre)
Rice Milk (1 litre)

At Pacific, every day is a celebration of nature’s goodness. We’ve always believed that nature’s work needs little refinement. That’s why we believe in making nourishing foods and strive to make them the way you would at home. We like using time-honored recipes and just a few simple ingredients, showcasing each ingredient’s true flavor and inherent nutrition. No additives or preservatives in our food.


Organic Almond Vanilla (240ml)
Organic Almond Chocolate (240ml)
Organic Almond Chocolate (240ml)
Almond Unsweetened (946ml)
Organic Almond Chocolate (4x240ml)
Organic Almond Vanilla (4x240ml)
Organic Almond Chocolate (4x240ml)
Hazelnut Original (946ml)
Hazelnut Chocolate (240ml)
Hazelnut Chocolate (946ml)
Hazelnut Chocolate (4x240ml)
Select Soy Original (946 ml)
Enriched Soy Chocolate (240ml)
Soy Original Unsweetened (946 ml)
Select Soy Vanilla (946ml)
Enriched Soy Vanilla (240ml)
Organic Oat Original (946ml)
Rice Milk Original (946ml)
Rice Milk Vanilla (946ml)

Barista Series 

Almond Original (946ml)
Soy Original (946ml)