We have quite a few Lukes in the extended Luke’s Organic family: children and adults who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.  We all got tired of gnawing through snacks that looked like hamster litter, tasted like tree bark and were riddled with ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. What’s satisfying about that? Nothing. So we did something about it. Our snacks are organic, allergen-free and decidedly delicious for kids, grown ups and those weird ones in between.

Organic & Gluten-Free Seed Cracker

Here at Mackie’s we always like to have our thinking caps on about how we might tempt you with something new. To add to our expanding range of ice cream flavours and potato crisps, we’re now offering you another ‘everyday indulgence’ in the shape of chocolate bars. We have created a new chocolate factory in what was formerly the old tractor shed on the farm, where we use specialist Scottish equipment to refine, conche and temper chocolate to make Scotland’s own range of chocolate bars.

Chocolate Bar

Pepperidge Farm was founded in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin, an entrepreneurial homemaker who began by baking fresh, all-natural bread for her allergy-afflicted son. We still take care to bake every day using the best ingredients, so that it’s more than just a cookie, cracker or slice of bread…it’s the best moment of your day.


Goldfish Crackers

Ristoris take great care over each ingredient that leads to the final product: raw materials are rigorously selected, wherever possible preferring products of Italian origin. Processing takes place following the same principle and is therefore seasonal, “from fresh product”, in certified factories following the strictest international standards- we are the bridge between the best raw materials and innovative processing methods.

Pre-mix Italian Dessert

In 2007, YumEarth was just two dads on a mission to bring something sweet and simple into the world. And ten years later, that’s grown bigger than we could ever have imagined. YumEarth always try to use the simplest flavors, colors and ingredients, and we’re proud that almost all our products are free from the top 8 allergens.

Organic Drop

Organic Lollipop

Organic Multipack