Cereal and Granola

Founded by Arran and Ratana Stephens in 1985, Nature’s Path Organic Foods® was formed because of their passion for creating healthy, delicious, organic breakfast food. It’s Nature’s Path’s reason for being, which explains why we’re the leading independent organic cereal manufacturer in North America.

Organic Cereals

Heritage Flakes (375g)
Golden Turmeric (300g)
Honey'd Corn Flakes - Gluten Free (300g)
Purple Bam(300g)
Whole O's (325g)

Kids Organic Cereals

Cheetah Chomps (284g)
Gorilla Munch (284g)
Koala Crisp (325g)
Panda Puffs (300g)

Granola (Gluten-Free)

Vanilla Pumpkin Seed (312g)
Summer Berries (312g)
Coconut & Cashew Butter (312g)
Fruit & Nut (312g)

Instant Oatmeal

Hot Oatmeal Original - Sugar Free (400g)
Hot Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon (400g)
Hot Oatmeal Variety Pack (400g)

At Sweet Home Farm, we are dedicated to bringing you down-home baked goodness at a great value. For over two decades, we’ve been making our simply delicious granola with only the finest whole grains, fruits, nuts, and simple sweeteners. Our ingredients are grown and made without GMOs and never have artificial colors. So, go ahead, grab a carton and feel good about bringing our honestly good, delicious granola into your home as breakfast, a topping, a mix-in, or a snack!


Blueberry Flax (582g)
French Vanilla (582g)
Honey Nut with Almonds (682g)
Maple Pecan (582g)
Pumpkin Flax (582g)
Vanilla Cocoa with Real Cocoa (583g)