Alcoholic Beverage

The Baladin brewery was originally created in 1996 as a brewpub (production and bar) in Piozzo – a small village in the Langhe area in the province of Cuneo. Italian brew master Teo Musso’s highly sought after Baladin craft beer is made from the best hops and yeast, together with unusual cereals and a combination of original spices to create his liquid masterpieces. 

Craft Beers

COEDO was founded by a family which started organic farming with the concept of “peace, safe, and delicious” early in 1970s in the city of Kawagoe where agriculture is one of the core industries for some hundreds years. Today, COEDO offer a wide selection of craft beers to the world, which range in color from the deep crimson of a uniquely Japanese beer made with native sweet potatoes to the classic golden hue of the traditional pilsner. 

Craft Beer