We are Gan Teck Kar 

Established in 1991, GTK is a privately-owned company started by food-loving folks who are passionate about bringing the finest products from around world to the kitchen table and larder of restaurants and homes. Over the years, we have developed customized solutions for on- trade clients in a fast-evolving ecosystem to cater to industry trends and demands. To this day, our core business is in the importation and distribution of premium food products in Singapore and Malaysia with business partners around Southeast Asia region.

Bringing You Nature’s Finest Foods

Mission and Vision

What We Stand For


We strive to be a purveyor and custodian of wholesome produce and ethical brands while continuously improving our service standards and response time to get the freshest products delivered timely to your doorstep.


We seek to constantly implement up-to-date technology to optimize our business model and infrastructure for the future, thereby enabling us to spread the joy and convenience of consuming quality foods with as many people as possible.

Solutions and Services 

We have build up over twenty years of experiences and know-how, so you can confidently approach our holistic solutions that are able to handle the fast-changing dynamics of the F&B landscape with our dedicated team of corporate chefs and specialist technicians.   

Food Distribution

We scour the globe for quality products in a seamless process, utilizing our temperature controlled warehouse and delivery system to ensure ambient, chilled and frozen foods reach the different marketplace through various sales channels by leveraging strong partnerships in the retail and HORECA sector across the region. 

Food Processing

We always help clients find the best solutions for their business, and this growing ambition lead to the development of a 20,000 sq ft food production facility to create and customize semi-finished products and ready-to-eat items by our in-house R&D chefs who are ever-ready to brainstorm recipes, requirements and formats in tandem with the increasing demands of the F&B industry.

Warehousing and Logistics

Our state-of-the-art warehousing capabilities offer a one-stop solution for each unique and complex logistic operation for both on and off-trade business. We are confident that each packet of crisp, a chilled tub of yogurt or a frozen carton of tortilla is handled with utmost care when it lands on the store shelf and kitchen table as intended; this is truly made possible with the support from the hands of each member of our supply chain. 

F&B Equipment

Our wide range of Food & Beverage Equipment will help you achieve operational efficiency with top-of-the-line coffee machines, stone-deck ovens, automatic sauce dispenser and high performance blender for the restaurant and hospitality industry.